5 questions about the stock market (which you should ask to yourself)

In the spring of this year, the coronavirus put us all "under lock and key", forcibly locking us in "four walls".And this brought, in addition to stopping the uncontrolled outbreak of the epidemic, sometimes the most unexpected results. In particular, the population they began to invest their savings (which they had been saving for several years for their entire life). This is when the economic crisis began.It is this question of whether you should invest your money in the coming crisis (and whether you should keep it on a Bank Deposit or, as it were, in a savings Bank) that we will talk about in this article.5 questions about the stock market (which you should ask yourself):1) Do I need to buy shares?Yes, absolutely. But only if you can do this correctly. Otherwise, you will only be wasting your time and money. In the spring of this year, the question arose whether we should buy shares or whether we should keep our money "at home". In the spring of this year, there was a huge "viral" jump in stock prices. And it is highly questionable whether we will see a similar jump again. 2) Do I need to buy individual stocks or are there so-called "portfolio investments"?Yes, absolutely. Because there is no other way to invest in stocks other than by buying them through a monthly purchase. account. In the spring of this year, the "Portfolio approach" to investing money led to a record $ 5 trillion (almost all of it came from the sale of index funds).But it was the $ 1 trillion sold in the spring that turned out to be the biggest mistake of our people.This is because the pandemic weakened the economy and caused a drop in effective demand for the usual staples food products. due to the crisis.3) Where can I get money while the pandemic is raging?Yes, there is always a job on the street. But you will not be able to get rich in the city while the whole of the population is hiding in self-isolation. 4) How do I deposit money in a Bank and withdraw it before the end of the pandemic?Don't you have any work there? Well, then you have an idea — how about opening an online store?There will be a perfect opportunity to earn a lot of money on the Internet!5) how Do I start investing right now?Today, there are a lot of ways to do this. opportunities (literally, an infinite number of ways to invest your money).I'll tell you about my own successful investments.For starters, I use the dividend yield strategy.For the second month in a row, I hold onto the shares I bought during the previous month. I use them for the week to buy dollars and euros.