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The "magic" power of words. How to get rid of money problems forever

Some people have a deeply entrenched financial problem, and some of these problems are quite common.Difficulties with money are an integral part of our lives, they "push" money away from us and, as a result, preclude us from making great achievements and rich people.Every person experiences problems with money. This is not surprising!After all, rich people have a lot of "money" problems as well.After all, they know how to "make friends" with money and they do not forgive the careless attitude of others who have "slung their hats in the airport" and forgot to wipe their nose from the pollution of the channel.In this article, we will talk about how to learn how to "make friends" with money in order to get rid of money problems forever and find prosperity.  Money is a "Virus" that attaches itself to us from birth. It finds its way into our wallet by various means: 1) Bad economy This is not surprising at all.The economy of any country is severely affected by the actions of its citizens. Therefore, learn how to increase your savings and invest wisely your money.2) Poor thinking Big money can only be won by winning games. Otherwise, no money is expected from you at all. Decide whether you want to be rich or poor for a long time.Do you want to have more money in your life?Do you have a strong belief in your success or do you have some extremely bad habits that prevent you from becoming rich?3) Living in the wrong city/country People are constantly moving "against the background" of their personal preferences and economic goals. they choose. This is especially significant in our time, when our technology is moving "along with the times" and not keeping up with the times. Therefore, constantly upgrade your knowledge about money and its multiplication.4) Not making investments Constantly monitor your investment opportunities.Be sure to conduct an analysis of the pros and cons of various investment options: between different asset classes and different currencies.Be sure to use the monthly averaging strategy when investing your money.5) Lack of a personal financial plan Constantly read books on personal Finance.Such books will allow you to gradually create an impressive amount of capital, the income from which will fully provide money for your entire family. 1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills you need to become rich".